Controlled CHAOS! ( OH where do I start?)

My classroom was a mess!
I kinda just shut the door & walked  ran to summer vacation!
So, as I peeked inside ( after the floors were cleaned & dried)..
I shrieked! AAAWWWWWW!
Who made this HUGE mess!???? ( Hands on hips )…
Oh, yeah…ME!
So…time to clean it up!
Here is where I am today…

My newest FAVORITE….repositional  letters!
 Can wipe over them, but they won’t come OFF, until I take them OFF!
I am so tired of rewriting the same things over & over…..
No MORE! Love this!
(Got them at Staples…2″ & 4″…about $7.00 )

Focal Wall …ELA & Math

Tech  Center…all I need are the laptops!

Word Wall, cubbies, HFW Assessment wall (flower )
Excuse the messy tables & empty shelves…in process….

LOVE my centers drawers! Each drawer for each month!
ELA (left) / Math (right)
No the tub of large legos is NOT for playtime!
I get those out on RAINY DAY RECESSes…

Messy classroom library..need to clean it!

Tomorrow’s corner to work in!
The Word Ring boards are in!
Did I say I LOVE DUCT TAPE????

Attached the board to the cupboard door with…RINGS!
I know…MacGuyvered it…but…it works!
Duct Tape around the edges…
I may have to repaint cupboard door when I retire!
Only has to last 10 more years! 🙂

Last one ….attached one to easel…this way I have 
multiple sets AROUND the class..
I tell the kiddos take a Word RING  & READ!
PS…had to add this cutey pie..
spent some FUN times with her this week!

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