10 Things You Need.

10 Teacher Items YOU need TODAY!

Back to School is coming soon. I am NOT ready! I love summer vacation.

BUT…I do need to start getting ready.


My vacation brain won’t wrap around the thought of setting up my classroom!

WHAT do I need?

Help is on the way!

Here are 10 teacher items YOU need TODAY!

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1. Flair Pens. You NEED at least 24. The MORE the Merrier!
2. Astrobright Paper – You will print EVERYTHING in colored paper!
3. Book Boxes- Where will your kids put all of their independent reading books?
4. storage drawers- Where to keep all of YOUR stuff?
5. pencil sharpener – THE BEST!
6. labels – After you get all of your ‘goodies” unpacked…LABEL everything so YOU can find them later!
7. Growth Mindset Posters – Helping kids and adults create a positive mindset.
8. Writing Centers – Every classroom needs a place for writing.
9. Teacher Planner – YOU KNOW YOU NEED THIS!!!
10. Balanced Literacy Resource – MY personal FAVORITE! Helps me remember what I need to do!
I NEED to start thinking.
Begin the planning.
Open my teacher Bag.
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First I need to jump in the pool again!
Maybe I’ll start tomorrow!

When you are ready…Let me know!

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