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Teacher-Parent Meeting


How to get ready for the 


Screaming child

Screaming Child


We ALL get nervous speaking to a room of parents!

I can speak to a group of first graders all day every day…but a roomful of parents?

My palms sweat & my brain “freezes” up!

(Wear  good  deodorant, use a breath mint, and  wear  comfy  shoes!)

So..THEY are coming.

Today’s tip is about getting parents to sign up for everything you need at Back to School Night.


I work in a Title 1 school.

Most parents DON’T WANT TO COME to SEE ME!

So I have to make it very “inviting”.

I tell the kids to “drag” their parents to talk to me.

(Not literally!) Two hands!

I give stickers to kids who “hand their parents the BTS night NOTE!”

And then…

Number 1 for Back to School Night

Number 1

Have Food at Back to School Night.

A bowl of apples, a plate of cookies, popcorn, Mini bottles of water!


They will come for food!

I also put the Class DOJO sign-up link on a BIG POSTER

 NEXT to the FOOD!  Eat, text, and make the teacher HAPPY!

Number 2 for Back to School Night

Number 2

Even though parent conferences are MONTHS away…

MAKE a chart of dates & times YOU are available,


(You will send a reminder note as it gets closer..let them choose first!)

Put out sticky notes & pens for those who want to write it down AND

a poster to remind parents to TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEIR PHONE of the conference chart, to remind them!

Number 3 for Back to School Night

Number 3

If you have any WISH LISTS or things you might need…


at Back to School Night!

( We can always use glue sticks, expo markers, tissues, etc)


If YOU want volunteers for classroom work, parties, field trips, etc…


This is the ONLY night they will ALL be in YOUR classroom!


Sometimes a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE…is a good thing!

So.. Just a quick reminder

  1. Rewards for students whose family attends.  DANGLE the CARROT!
  2. Bring FOOD and/or drinks.
  3. Have ALL Sign-UP charts READY

DOJO, Conferences, Wish Lists, Volunteers, etc.

4. Breathe, bring water for YOU!  Smile.

For more info on BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT:


Good Luck!

Making A LIST and Checking it TWICE!

Making a LIST? WHY?


Is SANTA on his way? In JULY?


NO! I am checking MY list.

My  Back to School LIST!

And that list get LONGER, every DAY!

My Back to School is next week. 

In my district ( a modified traditional calendar) we start at the end of JULY! 

No tears for me…we are off the first two weeks of OCTOBER!  I LOVE FALL BREAK!

And so first, I make a list – A LONG LIST!

Thank You @createteachshare

Teacher To Do list @createteachshare

Teacher To Do list@createteachshare


Here is how my list begins…
  1. Clean teacher desk
  2. Clean students desks
  3. Number each workbook ( I put numbers on EVERYTHING!)
  4. Get student materials ( books, pencil holders -FILLED, & other things that stay IN THEIR DESKS) on their desks. We will go over them the first day.
  5. Number homework folders, Read at Home folders & books
  6. Tear out & runn of homework for the first two weeks.
  7. Clean out & check literacy & math centers.
  8. Purge ANYTHING I have not used in two years! YES!!!!  
  9. Find my teacher tools.
  10. Check technology… after updates…check technology. After call to district office…check technology AGAIN! Finally works! UGH! I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with technology!
  11. Schedule teacher PD meetings. ( 5 days before kids come..starting tomorrow!)
  12. Write Lesson plans for the FIRST WEEK! ( don’t go further…things WILL change.)
  13. Update list.
  14. Unpack the 10 boxes of NEW Science Curriculum. Inventory. Find missing pieces. Inventory again. Store? Stack in a corner.
  15. Add to my list:  Unpack science curriculum & go through it. Plan? 
  16. Make sure resources on the WALLS are for Back to School ( Not END of School). Update.
  17. Are class lists ready? I need to ADD names to numbers!
  18. Make a LIST ( alphbetically, of course) of students by first names. (WOW! I have an “extra” student on my list…boy will that mess up my alphabtical list.  TEACHERS: YOU GET THIS!)
  19. Don’t care that my alphabetical student names will be OUT OF ORDER! 🙂 Breather!
  20. Cross things OFF list. ( After you have added MORE) I know. It’s LONGER than when I started. It’s OK. Ths kids won’t know!
  21. GO HOME EARLY! Relax. Take a walk. Pour some wine. Hug your family. It’s a job. The kids will be there ready or not. THEY won’t care if I didn’t finish ALL of the ANCHOR CHARTS          I want to make. ADD that to my LIST! 
Classroom 2019

Classroom 2022 Making my LIST!

Focal Wall is on my list

Classroom of 2022. Making my LIST of things to do!

Making labels for files!

Classroom of 2022. Making my LIST of things to do!

Lesson Plans are on my list.

Classroom of 2022. Making my LIST of things to do!

Filing construction Paper in a crate is on my list.

Classroom of 2022. Making my LIST of things to do!

Sorting  Read at Home Books...on my list.

Classroom of 2022. Making my LIST of things to do!


Leveled readers in tubs. On my list!

Classroom of 2020. Making my LIST of things to do!

Get my Teaching table ready for small groups! ( Also my teacher desk..) READY? Check my list!

Classroom of 2020. Making my LIST of things to do!

My list is long.

BUT… The kids are coming to see YOU!  They will look around and SMILE AT YOU!

The smiling, happy teacher who gives giggles, grins, hugs, & high fives!

They want to know they are safe & happy. And so are YOU!

Finally, don’t forget…your list will come & go. Smile. Breathe.

And Love them!  That’s what we do.

I don’t need to add that to my list. It’s ALWAYS there! 

Happy Back to School. Enjoy it! 

Leave me a comment & let me know how it goes! 

Wendy     1stgradefireworks 


10 Things You Need.

10 Teacher Items YOU need TODAY!

Back to School is coming soon. I am NOT ready! I love summer vacation.

BUT…I do need to start getting ready.


My vacation brain won’t wrap around the thought of setting up my classroom!

WHAT do I need?

Help is on the way!

Here are 10 teacher items YOU need TODAY!

Like it? Pin it!
1. Flair Pens. You NEED at least 24. The MORE the Merrier!
2. Astrobright Paper – You will print EVERYTHING in colored paper!
3. Book Boxes- Where will your kids put all of their independent reading books?
4. storage drawers- Where to keep all of YOUR stuff?
5. pencil sharpener – THE BEST!
6. labels – After you get all of your ‘goodies” unpacked…LABEL everything so YOU can find them later!
7. Growth Mindset Posters – Helping kids and adults create a positive mindset.
8. Writing Centers – Every classroom needs a place for writing.
9. Teacher Planner – YOU KNOW YOU NEED THIS!!!
10. Balanced Literacy Resource – MY personal FAVORITE! Helps me remember what I need to do!
I NEED to start thinking.
Begin the planning.
Open my teacher Bag.
Check out my BACK to School Pinterest Board! Pin If you LIKE!

First I need to jump in the pool again!
Maybe I’ll start tomorrow!

When you are ready…Let me know!

This is NOT a Back to School Post! I AM NOT READY!

I AM NOT READY to go Back to School!

My summer has JUST begun!

Yes…this is my view.

Princess Cruise to ALASKA

As a “veteran” teacher..30  years in First Grade, I know we are NEVER OFF!

My teacher’s brain is ALWAYS on. On our recent trip to ALASKA, I brought back “trinkets” that I can share with my First Graders. Always thinking AHEAD!

As I am a PLANNER… I LOVE ORGANIZATION, I am thinking ahead.

To help YOU with your Back to School SUMMER PLANNING.. I KNOW you are.


The one thing I can do for YOU..is to help you get ready for Back to School.

THEN…you can Recharge. And please do.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Check out my TPT store to HELP YOU!

Plan. Organize what you can, and LET IT GO!

Rest , Relax, and enjoy your time off.

Back to School will be here before we know it.

I think I will have a fruity adult beverage, please! ENJOY! 

JULY already? NO!!! Summer… SLOW DOWN!

Where did my SUMMER go?

July???  Already HERE?  End of JULY is close! NO!!!!

 (Sniff…sniff…deep breath..) I need to get my classroom ready for… The First day of SCHOOL!

OK…student’s are coming to school July 30..

I had better go & see what it looks like..

Books on the floor!


WHO LEFT THIS HUGE MESS in my classroom!!!????

Oh, yeah…ME? 🙂

I locked the door …AND  RAN!!!!!

Whew! Time to clean up!

So, I spent today (again) working in my room, this time…

throwing things away!

I purged like I never have before!

My poor janitor…he came in twice to take away PILES.

But it’s getting there. Now to teacher organization.

I have 3 big things I did TODAY:

1. I got rid of my teacher desk. 

No more file cabinets, drawers, or “piling” surface.

I now have a “U” reading table as my area! 


 I now have 2 tall (5ft) bookcases next to my area.

Teacher's Guided Reading Table

2. I made a “supply” center ( Lowes tool box) 

for all of my desk supplies.


to keep all of my centers and student stations…

My teacher TOOLBOX.Organize after getting rid of my TEACHER DESK!


WMart  3 drawer containers.

I “cutsied” ( is that a word?) them..


My counter has NEVER been this clean! 🙂

I couldn’t decide what I wanted on each label.

So, I chose the month ( so I can add theme materials)


next to it, I put what skill is taught during that month.

My thinking is …

when I create or purchase new materials,

I can file them either by the month OR by the skill.

Math was a little harder…most CCSS cross the entire year.

You can’t just teach number & operations in August…all year long! 

I think I will keep the standard, and separate each one by quarter.

Maybe…or maybe monthly…I dunno yet. 

I need to live with it a while & see how things go!

Busy day!  I love getting organized!

Tomorrow I challenge the dreaded….


FREEBIE…You made it to the bottom of this post…


Back to School Word Work PREVIEW FREEBIE!