Math Baseball in OCTOBER


Yes! It is OCTOBER!

If you don’t follow baseball…

It’s time for the playoffs & CHAMPIONSHIPS!


I have 4 kids.

My 3 boys ALL played baseball ( for MANY YEARS).

And my daughter played SOFTBALL for 16 years!  She even played in the Softball World Series! WAHOO!

So, baseball is in our home. A LOT!

Even though MY team, SF Giants are NOT in the playoffs, we still LOVE the game!

SF Giants Logo

My favorite baseball team! Go SF Giants!


But, I am teaching first-graders in OCTOBER!

I need academic “FUN”!

And so… we play!  And we play a LOT! 🙂

The expert of anything, was once a beginner!

The expert of anything was once a beginner!

Remember, baseball is about skills, strategies, and hard work.

It is a TEAM sport.

You must work hard, practice, and have the DESIRE to be BETTER!

WOW! It sounds like my classroom MOTTO!

Work Hard, Play hard,


Inspire others.

Inspire others.

I have created a Baseball MATH Game for OCTOBER!


A fast-paced math game for K-3 students!

Math Baseball in OCTOBER

Math Baseball in OCTOBER

Directions for MATH GAME are included!

Easy Prep… lots of giggles!


Math Mats for Baseball in OCTOBER

Math Mats for Baseball in OCTOBER

Math Facts Baseballs

Math Facts Baseballs

Math Manipulative BASEBALLS for LITTLE ONES!

Math Manipulative BASEBALLS for LITTLE ONES!

Place the “MITT(s)” in a big circle.

Students take a “baseball” card and QUICKLY, place it in the correct MITT!

HURRY! Then “RUN” to the end of the line. The next “batter” is UP!

They choose the next baseball card & place it in the CORRECT MITT!

Some baseballs have numbers, some have math facts,

some have MANIPULATIVES ( ten frames, dice, dominoes, etc )

to represent the NUMBERS!

The winners are the “players” who get ALL of the baseball cards into the MItts!

Teamwork is REQUIRED!

Can you HEAR the CHEERS??? 🙂

We love to have fun, play games, and practice TEAMWORK!

What more can you ask of First Graders?

Maybe…learn to tie your shoes?   HAHA   HAve fun with this!

Need MORE?


5 games in a BUNDLE!  WOW!

Sports BANG! Sight Word GAMES

Sports BANG! Sight Word GAMES

Check it out!

Math Baseball in OCTOBER

Math Baseball in OCTOBER

Math Baseball for OCTOBER

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