Heart Words – AKA – Words you NEED to know by HEART

What are “heart” words?

Why do I NEED them?

How do I use them?


Heart Words

    Heart Words 

UFLI Heart Words

UFLI Heart Words 2

Heart Words are Sight Words students NEED to know by HEART!

Here are the

120   UFLI 

Irregular Sight Words 

for students to PRACTICE!

Word Cards are printed

onto HEARTS 

for small group, large group,

independent practice!

Have students practice :

letter identification, phonemes, blending, segmenting, rhyming, sight word mastery, writing, beginning and ending sounds.

Cards can be used for a variety of literacy lessons.

Print, laminate, and let kids enjoy!

Have fun, while mastering

120 Sight Words. For the WIN!

Heart Words will help students be readers “From the Heart”!

Heart Words

Words you NEED to know by HEART

Check them out HERE!

This word list came from UFLI – Irregular Sight Words.

If you have ANY questions, email me:  1stgradefireworks@gmail.com



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