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This month is our LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL!
Paper is running low,  not making a lot of copies ( of anything ), and 
we are ALL TIRED!
But…the kids are still here & need to stay focused & on task!
Not just ANY BINGO…make it yourself BINGO!
Here’s how it goes…
 I use a HFW list we have used ALL year.
 I give the kids a “recycled” paper…
I like to keep those I print on one side.
Colored  is ALWAYS preferred.
We fold the paper into 16 squares.
( If the kiddos fold it “differently” it really won’t matter).
After we have our “squares”
I put the HFW list on the doc camera.
I try to use 50 words or so.
We have studied these words ALL year…they SHOULD be able to read them!
SO…they write 1 word (of their choice ) in each square.
(If a “friend” made 20-24 squares…it’s OK)
Once EVERYONE has written their choice of words..
I have them put their paper into a 
plastic report sleeve.
(We use the one in our desks that have the 120 chart on it.)
They get out their expo marker & get ready to play!
I use a blank white board  on the doc camera & write 1 word at a time.
We chant it, spell it, read it.
Then another word from the list, and another. SLOWLY!
IF they have the word, they cross it out with their white board marker .
ANY 4 in a row ( we call it a line ) is a 
That is why it doesn’t matter how many squares they use…
4 in a row is a WINNER!
They win 1 SKITTLE candy.
I choose 4 winners per game!
Then we erase our boards…
FANTASTIC  HFW  practice!
They begged to play again tomorrow!
We shall see!
Here are some pictures of our
make it yourself BINGO!

Have Fun!
We DO!

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