Writing a Complete Sentence - 3 Steps to Success

How to Write a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

I have a BRAND NEW writing product to add to my TPT Store!

My problem was my students were writing…

BUT, they were not writing complete sentences.

They had a great idea, but could not get the right sequence of words to

make a complete sentence

Their stories just did not FLOW! They didn’t make sense.

So WHAT is a teacher to do?

WRITE! And so I did.

I did some research, read some materials, and 

I created a  WRITING CENTER where my students can be successful!

I teach in a high-poverty, low-socioeconomic, Title 1 school. 

I have had up to 50% of my class as EL students.

I have decided to help my students,

we need  Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 STEPS TO SUCCESS!

  1. Visuals for Vocabulary. 
  2. Structured Graphic Organizers for independent thoughts.
  3. Practice, practice, practice!

Product Description:

Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

How to help your students to write complete sentences? How about 3 steps to SUCCESS? This packet of picture visual cards is sorted into NOUNS, VERBS, and NOUN places for students to select cards and create their own sentences. 40 NOUN cards (80 pictures total), 40 VERB cards ( 80 pictures ), and 30 NOUN PLACES cards are included. Teacher suggestions for implementing the product. I suggest using them at a writing center for the scaffolding of writers and nonwriters.

And so, it begins.

                                     Check out the VIDEO! 


    Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

  Writing Paper for Scaffolding Writers


    NOUN  Cards for  Vocabulary  Support


                VERB Cards for action


 Noun Cards for “PLACES” to complete sentences.


       Sample  Writing  Page included.

      Teacher SUGGESTIONS for implementing.

                           THINK  WRITING  CENTER!  🙂 

                                I hope this helps with your planning for 

                                             Back to School.  I know.

   Teachers NEVER stop thinking about SCHOOL!


                                               Rest and Relax! 

                                    You can’t pour from an empty cup.

                                                 Check it out!

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Happy Summer!

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