WOWZA! Thank YOU!!!!

I need to THANK some people…
I have been neglect in my CA manners to THANK people for their gifts!
Thank YOU to Heather @  Teaching Through Turbulance
for the Indiana Goes Back to School Giveaway! 
( I used my TPT Certificate TODAY!)
Thank you to Michelle @ Just Wild About Teaching
for the Chalk Lover’s Giveaway!
(The goodies are FANTASTIC…check out Charlie Chalk Designs )
Thank you to Corinna Curry @ O “FISH” ally a First Grader
Thank you to Sara Lane @
Thank you to Lisa Mattes @ Growing Firsties 
for her giveaway!
If I have forgotten ANYONE…..THANK YOU! 
The “Rafflecopter” Goddesses have been good to me!
Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!
(You can’t win, if you don’t ENTER!:)

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