Wordless Wednesday..and a $5 FREEBIE! 4.29.15

I am linking up with my friend
Christine @ Second Grade Sugar & Spice
OK ….. followers…
What are THESE????
The first person to leave a comment & guess correctly…
wins   a   $5  product  from my store!
Happy Wednesday!

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12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday..and a $5 FREEBIE! 4.29.15

  1. learningmyself

    The first thing that came to mind were beakers..for a science measuring project? They look vaguely familiar, but with a different bottom…lol

  2. 1stgradefireworks

    THANK YOU My followers for your fun guesses….These are actually HIGH HEEL Protectors for grass! We are in WEDDING MODE! Outside wedding & found these to help the girls so they don't "SINK" into the grass! 🙂 Thanks for playing! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

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