Wordless Wednesday!

I’m linking up with Christina @ Sugar & Spice
What do you think I am making?
Did I tell you 
Hmmmm…Could be…???  NO! NO! Could it be…????
Your guess????

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. 1stgradefireworks

    I really want to have my kids do a Weekly round of Read the room. But instead of having THEM carry a clip board around…they will find the READ THE ROOM Stations…kinda like a Scavenger hunt. Each board is stationed permanently on the wall. It will have a number, so student's can follow on their own paper. Then they will find the correct number with the task card, word, question, etc & answer it on their paper. This way, I just change out the activity cards weekly. The boards stay o the wall. I LOVE hot pink with polka dots! You guys knew it! Thanks for playing! Wendy

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