3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ..12.17.14

  1. Crystal Gillespie

    My lesson plans are pretty boring, but I do like to check off the things I do with a different colored pen each day so they are pretty colorful by the end of the week anyway! Yours look very busy! I like the way you have highlighted special classes so they are easy to remember – great idea!

  2. Katie Moira

    Your lesson plans look very neat and organized! I like how you color code.
    In the beginning of the year, I would just write my lessons and keep them in a Google Drive folder. But as the year went on I ended up creating a chart on Word and putting in what I was going to teach for each week for each grade (I'm a K-2 Technology Teacher). This helps me A LOT as I am able to accurately see what I did in the past with each class and I can map out what lessons I want to teach in the upcoming weeks.

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