Winner! I won!

This is soooooo IRONIC!
I have an autistic student this year AND NO AIDE!
Ooopppsss….I mean…I have an autistic student
 who has more needs than this REGULAR education teacher
can meet daily BY MYSELF! So…. I am tired , NO REALLY TIRED!
She wears me out! Days are filled with extreme highs and lows! Anyway..
I entered Danielle’s Autism Awareness Giveaway as THERAPY!
Thank you SOOOO much to Danielle at Crayonbox Learning!
Stop by & give her some LOVE!
Thanks Again to ALL of the participants who have shared their
fantastic products! I am humbled! 🙂
Check out their shops!
  • Identifying Emotions, An Autistic Friendly Pack from Primary Paradise
  • Tick Tock Measuring Time – from Ms Smarty Pants
  • PECS Printable Books (Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Alphabet) from Crayonbox Learning
  • Tunes for Teachers (Book)  from Susan Paul of The Fun Factory
  • Autism Pack from Kathy and Susan of The Fun Factory
  • Token Boards – From Chalk One Up for the Teacher
  • Differentiated Essay Writing Unit from Arlene Manemann
  • Missing Pieces Vowels from Life in Special Education
  • Missing Pieces Long Vowels from Life in Special Education
  • Color Words Unit from Merinda Powell, Pirate Girl Education Invasion
  • Ice Cream Measuring from Teach with Laughter
  • Autism Fairy Tales Story Box from Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect
  • Spring Into Literacy from Cynthia Vautrot, 2nd Grade Pad
  • Goats Don’t Bathe – Personal Hygience Social Skill Story from Peggy Simpson
  • Jenna’s Brother Has Autism (Book) from Amber Fernbach, Author
  • $25.00 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card from Teachers Toolkit

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