Why “y”??? New items!

What a CRAZY week!
You know those weeks when you have TOOOOOO many things on your plate?
Well…it’s been one of those weeks. It’s OK TGIF!
Goo tings happening this week…My new granddaughter is soo cute ( 10 days old today), Son # 1 almost done with student teaching, daughter begins SONOGRAPHY school on Monday, & (drumroll, please…..).
SON # 3 comes home from 6 month US NAVY deployment this week! ( sniff..sniff)
He gets to see his wife ( of 6 1/2 months), and his 9 month old daughter! When he left, his “little bundle of joy” was …
A LUMP ! ( a cute lump…but a lump) NOW…..she is beginnng to stand by herself ( we wouldn’t let her walk before DADDY comes home) and she has the BEST GIGGLES! They skpye with us & visit when they can!
ANYWAYS….DADDY gets to hug & kiss his family this coming week! SOOOO excited!
OK…back to work!
Two new products on my stores this week…check out both TPT & TN!
TPT  SALE this weekend! 20% off ( and more!)
As we are CALIFORNIA Natives…..GO NINERS! 🙂
Thanks to all of my followers!
Happy Superbowl!

                                                   It’s Easy Being Green! ( Long e..-e -ee -ea)

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