What A Christmas!

Our family Chrostmas extends over a week or so….LOTS of family members, in-law families, and out-of-town family. We are SOOO lucky to be able to touch (HUG) each & every one of them at Christmas time …except for one ( son #3 in US NAVY on deployment…home soon!) BUT…we have his wife & our granddaughter here for one week! I get to do ALL of the GRANDMA SPOILING I can! I let her sleep on me ( instead of her bed, I get to give her bubble baths WHENEVER!, & I totally threw her off of her wonderful daily schedule…OH, well! THAT’S WHAT GRANDMA’S ARE FOR! As a teacher , I am trying to instill in her the love of BOOKS! SO …SANTA brought her A LOT! HAHA. So much fun watching her grow. Merry Christmas to ALL & A Happy New Year to one & ALL! See you next year! 🙂

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