Updates and New for You

I have been BUSY updating some older products, refining them, and creating some new goodies!

It’s TOO HOT (106 degrees) in Nor Cal to go outside.

We even turned OFF the heater in our SPA, so we could have a COLD spa to go in.

Nice and cool in the hot afternoons. 

But, I am always trying to get ahead.

Updating, refining, and Creating.

My Teacher BRAIN will not shut off!

And after 30 years, I just go with it.  

I remember the summer vacation to Mexico, where I brought back a brand new suitcase FULL of Large SEA SHELLS I purchased.  I needed them for my  OCEAN UNIT!   Silly me!

And so, it goes.

This year, I am trying to learn the Science of Reading, Secret Stories, and Orthographic Mapping.


To help MYSELF, I have been updating products, refining some older ones, and creating some NEW ones.

Here is a PREVIEW for YOU!

These are NEW!

81 SIPPS Beginning Sight Words for phonics, orthographic mapping, and letter formations for reading and writing. 324-word cards for SIPPS beginning sight words. Check these out! You will LOVE them!

These I have Updated. Again… 

Updating, refining, and creating! 

CVC ShortVowel  SCOOT Games  5 Short Vowel Games | 188 Cards  

CVC ShortVowel SCOOT Game
5 Short Vowel Games
188 Cards 








CVC Word Ladders for Phonics Activity Pages

You have been so good! You have hung in there all the way to the bottom!


FREE Download to help students practice rhymes, orthographic mapping, phonics, letter sounds, handwriting practice, letter formations, and sentence writing. It includes capitalization, word spacing, grammar, and punctuation as a teacher-led lesson.


And so, my summer goes on. All of this work has made me tired.

I think I need to jump into the nice, COOL spa.

And then a nap. Yes!  A Nap. 

Enjoy your Summer. It’s moving fast!

Rest, relax, and recharge.

I think I will keep updating, refining, and creating.

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