Tricks & Tips for Teachers…4.7.15

It’s Thursday!
Or…FRIDAY EVE in my house!
I am linking up with Becca @ Foxwell Forest

Today’s Tip is about 
Not how to…
 it’s about what to write  ON!
I know…PAPER..
but sometimes my kiddos want something ..
So…I have given them poster paper, 
cut it into strips of about 15inches by 36 inches.
Sometimes I fan fold it …so they have lines.
And what do they do?
Some make BIG words, some small words,
some add detailed pictures on the back..some not.
Just…let them WRITE!

Perfectionist…She  LOVES to edit!

He didn’t know the alphabet when we started school!
He has come soooooo far! So Proud!

They help each other…You should hear the discussions!

We are getting ready for OPEN HOUSE.
When they finish..they can choose to keep it for 
they can give it to a friend,
or they can take it home.
Most of my kiddos either save for Open House or give it to a friend.
Such a KIND class…LOVE ‘EM!
SO…whatever kinds of writing they do…
What kinds of writing paper do you use?
Leave me a comment and let me know!

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