Tricks & Tips for Teachers 3.26.15… a LINKY

I LOVE Spring Break!
The weather is cooperating, my projects are getting completed, & 
my daughter’s wedding projects are DONE!
7 weeks to wedding 🙂
It is Thursday & I am linking up with
Becca @ Foxwell Forest
Today’s  tip is about fluency rings!
My kiddos LOVE word rings!
We have HFW rings, word family word rings, & now…
They now can read sentences!
I made 6 sets…one for each of my Guided Reading students.
When they come to my table, get out your rings &..
Then every day or two we switch to our HFW rings..
or our Word Family rings…
or our FLUENCY rings!
( You can never have TOO MANY RINGS!)
All of these are available in my store:

Do you do RINGS?
Leave a comment and tell me youf favorite HFW ring set  from my store.
I’ll pick three winners on Sunday Night ( March 29 @ 8:00PM Pac. Time )

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