The Vowel KIDS

I would like you to meet my newest friends!

The vowel kids!

This is KATE. ( long a)

 Her twin sister is Anna. ( Short a )

Anna left us for a short “vacation”

…so I can use her picture for LONG A!
Thank you to Nikki from MELONHEADZ for the cutie pies!

We took each vowel family and  did some writing!

We brainstormed words ( see the word box) 

that have our phonics pattern  for the week.

 Then we did an interactive writing .

( see my BALANCED LITERACY packet, 
if you haven’t done INTERACTIVE WRITING)

The kids decided on her story. And then ,,


They were so cute! Best editors ever! 
After we finished…
they critiqued. 
They decided yellow was too hard to read.
They said that handwriting is very important,
 if you want others to read it.
They said spelling is important. It can change the meaning,
And lastly, writing large and spacing our words,
makes it easier to read. 

WOW! They were listening! 🙂

And so …each week for the next 4 weeks
I will introduce another friend.
We will chat, create, and write!

I Love my JOB!

If you are looking for more
writing ideas..
Stop on by!

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