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Something good from Home:

Hubbies Chickens ( see Chicken posts) are finally HAPPY!
 They have a “chicken condo” ( 2 story to be exact).
They have a “playpen”..chicken style. Penned in garden area of their own. 
“We want them to be FREE RANGE, don’t we?” ( Yeah, sure….)
And now…they have a TUBE transportation system! 
OK..there is 2 ft. between their “condo” and their “playpen”.
So what’s a farmer-without-a-farm supposed to do?
MacGuyver a “Tube” system! It works!
They go through the “tube” from one side to the other & back!
Sure upsets the new “chicken hawk” that is hanging around my backyard!
So, Happy thoughts….the chickens can now “CLUCK” together ..
Something good from School:

I have started using the “Brain Breaks” from Learning Station…YOUTUBE Style!
MY kids LOVE IT! We sing, dance, & shake our willies out!
They only have 3 minutes!
 Clean up & get ready to work!
 They know if they are not in their seats & ready to work…
 They have NOT let me down YET!
Such good kiddos!

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6 thoughts on “Tell me Something Good!

  1. 1stgradefireworks

    Right now we LOVE BOOM CHICKA BOOM! (The song gets stuck in your head!) My kiddos know..first we work then we play…no work, no play. They got a little squirrley after a brain break, but I reminded them, if they want it again…we have to get our work done. They got to work right away! I just love it for clean up…they get it done so we can dance! 🙂

  2. 1stgradefireworks

    I'll put up some after this weekend! I have to say, I wasn't a "FAN" of the whole chicken thing…but, they are soooo fun to watch! What personalities! (Don't tell hubby…I think I'm getting used to it!) 🙂 Again…If I show TOO much enthusiasm..I will come home home to …..goats & cows! Babysteps…:)

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