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Teaching with Intention Book Study Chapter 1…6.3.15

I want to thank 
Greg Smedley from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.
He  has brought together a great group of teacher bloggers
 to conduct a book study with Debbie Miller’s “Teaching with Intention.”

If you need a copy, click on picture…
This week it is ALL about Chapter 1.
When I read Chapter 1….I closed my eyes and envisioned the 
“PERFECT” classroom.
I envisioned group seatings, bean bags close together for discussions, 
ORGANIZED materials that students access AND maintain.
Soft music, soft lighting, projects completed and in the works.
A space where students WANT to be and a PLACE that I call my “second” home.
So I ask myself…
to get there?
Well…I have groups (desks ). I try to give my kids space to work in partners. groups, alone.
 I have tables spaced around the room for work spaces.
I also have a large group area for whole class.
 I have a smartboard up front.
( I really would like to do more with that ). Need to regroup desks so I have more free space in front for small group smartboard lessons.
 I tried bean bags…mice found them , too.
I try to oragnize student materials so they have access.
 (If they would just remember to put the LIDS on the MARKERS!!)
 My writing center has ALL the materials they could EVER need..
IF they keep it clean! ( If NOT…the “tools” go into time out!)
 Books are labeled in tubs. I now have 3 ( YES 3) classroom LIBRARIES!
I have a “leveled” library …for kids to find “GOOD  FIT” Books.
I have a “THEME” library for books they WILL read,
but may be a little hard just now.
AND NEW to our classroom…
AR Classroom library.
I have never done AR…but I will be working my way into that arena.
We play soft music during independent time ( mostly writing ),
but the FIRE MARSHALL didn’t like my “lighting”.

What do I need?
I need to work on material storage more with my kiddos.
I need to work on what “quiet ” group work sounds like.
I want to do more individual conferencing for reading & writing.
I want kids to feel free to ask questions of me and their peers.
I want them to want MORE…MORE  & MORE!

As we read on….I know we will get there!

Now…on to  CHAPTER 2..
Defining Beliefs and Aligning Practices

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