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Games for Assessments. What will they think of next?

Games for Assessments? Are they CRAZY?

Can I really play a FUN game to ASSESS?


We have been playing ( YES…PLAYING) 

fun games this month!

And guess what?

I can use them for assessments! 

( Do I hear OH YEAH!)

Sorry …my WBT is going to my head!

My new SEPTEMBER game is both.

It’s a game & assessment.

I use the foldable game cards as a

What Am I? September assessment game

Red cards. September assessment game

What Am I? September assessment game

I start the month with the cards to see what my kiddos know…


Then I can plan for the month depending on what they DON’T KNOW!

At the end of the month..REASSESS!

Another GAME!

Use DATA for review in small groups.

(WOW!!! I think I am getting this down…sarcasm)

It’s only taken me 27 years..sarcasm

( Some of us have been teaching this way for years!)

Shhhh…don’t tell anyone

Those “young PHDers in Education” may feel sad. 

They think they have created something new..

The education pendulum has swung again!

Smile, nod your head,…and teach!

Do I hear an “OH YEAH!” 🙂