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Are YOU ready for DECEMBER?

Holiday Literacy\Math Games and Activities and a FREEBIE

Are YOU planning for December?

Are YOU ready for DECEMBER?

Get your first-grade math games & activities ready for DECEMBER!

Are you ready for holiday first-grade math games and activities?

Do you have your holiday reading and writing centers ready for December?

Do you need help finding them?

Easy Prep?  High student Engagement?


This ROUND-UP is to help YOU get organized,


The FREEBIE is at the BOTTOM! 


Get your guided math centers ready to go!

Math games and printables prepped, organized, sorted.

 Students can’t wait

for the exciting activities

to help them get through DECEMBER!

Place Value Ture or False Sorting

Do your kids need extra help with place value? How about a sorting activity?

Place Value Sorting Cards True or False?


Greater then Less Than Holiday Edition

How to help your students practice greater than and less than with game activity.

Greater Than Less Than Holiday Edition 


December Fact Families

Math Fact practice activities for December

December Fact Families

10 more and 10 less for math centers

10 more and 10 less task cards for math games using the hundreds chart! Fun game!









This Elf is NOT on the Shelf

Now  it is time for those literacy

( reading, writing, phonics, word) 


Are YOU ready? 

The Elves are Working OVERTIME!

Literacy activities and games for reading, writing, and grammar for December.

The Elves are Working Overtime

Reading Word Trees for Fluency

Helping students read using Word Trees. Reading activity for fluency practice.

Sight Word Trees Holiday Edition

And for a FUN combination of Literacy and MATH…

The Winter Wonderland BUNDLE!

More games and fun activities to help your students practice grade-level standards in a highly energizing way! What a fun way to support learning through the HOLIDAY season!
Winter Wonderland Holiday Literacy & Math BUNDLE

Reading, writing, phonics, grammar, sight words, place value, task cards, and student practice pages to support learning through DECEMBER!

Winter Wonderland HOLIDAY BUNDLE

Do not forget to take care of YOURSELF! 

Get planned and prepped for December

and then enjoy the season!

Laugh, giggle, give hugs & high-fives.

The holidays are for making memories.


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Happy December!  Take Care of Yourself and ENJOY IT!

THANK YOU for hanging in for this LONG POST!

Here is a FREEBIE for YOU!