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Are your students ready for CENTERS?

How to add games for independent centers!

We have been in school for 4 weeks. I know…we began JULY 31! I spend 3-4 weeks working on whole class routines & schedules. Then we spend a week or two working on centers ( without me actually taking reading groups) so I can monitor HOW they are doing during independent centers. AND THEN????

We begin INDEPENDENT CENTERS without the teacher!!!  WHAT???  Yes!! 

Release the KRACKEN!

Release the Kracken

Release the Kracken

And yes..we begin small group reading.

I used to call it GUIDED READING.

But I have added Guided Reading Skills & Strategies.

Sometimes, we work on words. Sometimes we work on skills. 

Sometimes we read. Sometimes we write. 

I use my assessments to guide my instruction. 

I know WHO needs WHAT.

So what are the other kids doing?

MUST DO’s & May Do’s.

And this week..enter their FAVORITE CENTER SO FAR!

( Yes…in their WHOLE LIFE…as they say!)

Here is the FUN game for centers!

And they are LEARNING!    WIN!  WIN!





294 domino cards for short vowel practice. Domino games can be differentiated by vowel sounds, picture cards, or word cards. Fun activities for student learning. Games help students stay engaged while practicing short vowel CVC word families.

They LOVE THIS! They beg for more time! Get your WORK done so you can PLAY!

YES!  I love it when a plan works!

And so here we go!

Small groups for me..independent centers for them.

WIN! WIN!  All around. Check out the video!

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles

Who NEEDS a Self-Checking Long Vowel Phonics CENTER? ME! (Hands UP)

 Long Vowel Picture Puzzles for Phonics Centers.

Most centers are my nemesis.

My nemesis.  Setting them up. Making sure they are running CORRECTLY. And then storing them for another year! UGH!

But. What if you had a PHONICS center that was SELF CHECKING, kids enjoyed so they did it OFTEN, and it could stay out for a longer time because KIDS WANT TO PLAY WITH IT!

Yes, please!

Keep reading to the bottom of this post for a FREEBIE!

Free for Followers

Freebie for Followers

How about a LONG VOWEL picture PUZZLES for Phonics centers!


Long Vowel Picture Puzzles

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles

The Puzzles are of one picture.

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles long a

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles long a

The kids have to build a word  AND make a picture.

It is self-checking because if the picture is not put together correctly,

they are not done. The kids can use the completed words in

journal writing, word lists, or word family word walls.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

The best part…they LOVE IT!

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles long I & o

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles long I & o

Kids LOVE putting together puzzles!

How about picture puzzles with 4 letter LONG VOWEL words?

Most have SILENT E, but a few ( ee/ea/oa ) are included.

All of the WINTER-themed picture puzzles are ready to be

printed, laminated, and cut for easy center prep!

Great for Guided Reading, Early Finishers, and/or independent center activities!

Extension product included:

FREE Valentine Long Vowel Picture Puzzle ($2.00 value)

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles

Long Vowel Picture Puzzles

Click HERE to see this GREAT center.


FREEBIE for Followers

Free for Followers

Freebie for Followers



You QUACK me UP! Math and Literacy Centers.

The Fourth Quarter Classroom – HELP is Here!

AKA… What to use to keep some working, while reteaching to others! 🙂

SUMMER is finally around the corner!

Assessments, report cards, cleaning, paperwork, etc…

Third quarter done! YIPPEE!!

Though I really DO love this time of the year.

Kiddos are making TREMENDOUS progress!

Sniff…sniff…PROUD TEACHER!


Now we have the 4th Quarter DASH

            Almost SUMMER!

Catch everyone up to grade-level standards

before they go to second grade!

And to HELP…I need it!

Some of my kiddos will work on YOU QUACK ME UP!


While I am WORKING with small groups, reteaching concepts they DIDN’T quite get.

DATA tells me that.


Say this with a SMILE…


to be taken to my TPT store!

You Quack Me up
You Quack Me Up! 

ELA & MATH Centers for first grade 4th quarter!

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade table of contents

ELA: rhymes, Read the Room, Sight Word Games,Grammar

MATH:  3 digit addition, Place Value, Guess My Number

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade rhyme game

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade word work

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade story vocabulary

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade prefixes

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade task cards

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade Sight Word Game

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade 3 digit addition

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade Place Value

You Quack Me Up ELA & Math for First grade number game

My kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

So much fun going on in Room 3!

Ready for Summer?


Here you go…

And NOW for the almost SUMMER FREEBIE!

Click HERE


This GMA wants some


baby laughing

cowgirl sisters

smiling boy in John Deere Tshirt

little girl princess

 And so…


Happy Summer and let the Fun begin!

Check out 1stgradefireworks 

for MORE goodies!

Have a great Summer and Check back
for new Back to School Goodies! 



Writing a Complete Sentence - 3 Steps to Success

How to Write a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

I have a BRAND NEW writing product to add to my TPT Store!

My problem was my students were writing…

BUT, they were not writing complete sentences.

They had a great idea, but could not get the right sequence of words to

make a complete sentence

Their stories just did not FLOW! They didn’t make sense.

So WHAT is a teacher to do?

WRITE! And so I did.

I did some research, read some materials, and 

I created a  WRITING CENTER where my students can be successful!

I teach in a high-poverty, low-socioeconomic, Title 1 school. 

I have had up to 50% of my class as EL students.

I have decided to help my students,

we need  Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 STEPS TO SUCCESS!

  1. Visuals for Vocabulary. 
  2. Structured Graphic Organizers for independent thoughts.
  3. Practice, practice, practice!

Product Description:

Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

How to help your students to write complete sentences? How about 3 steps to SUCCESS? This packet of picture visual cards is sorted into NOUNS, VERBS, and NOUN places for students to select cards and create their own sentences. 40 NOUN cards (80 pictures total), 40 VERB cards ( 80 pictures ), and 30 NOUN PLACES cards are included. Teacher suggestions for implementing the product. I suggest using them at a writing center for the scaffolding of writers and nonwriters.

And so, it begins.

                                     Check out the VIDEO! 


    Writing a Complete Sentence – 3 Steps to Success

  Writing Paper for Scaffolding Writers


    NOUN  Cards for  Vocabulary  Support


                VERB Cards for action


 Noun Cards for “PLACES” to complete sentences.


       Sample  Writing  Page included.

      Teacher SUGGESTIONS for implementing.

                           THINK  WRITING  CENTER!  🙂 

                                I hope this helps with your planning for 

                                             Back to School.  I know.

   Teachers NEVER stop thinking about SCHOOL!


                                               Rest and Relax! 

                                    You can’t pour from an empty cup.

                                                 Check it out!

                                          Other posts that can help!

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Leave me some LOVE and let me know what you think! 

Happy Summer!

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Addition & Subtraction Task Cards

Low-Stress December Math Centers

This will help your math centers for December!

I don’t know about you, but I have WAY TOO MANY things going on in December!

I want my classroom to run like a “well-oiled” machine…independently.

I need to ASSESS, read with kids, check those who need “help” are getting it, and TEACH!

( Makes me tired looking at this!)


Somedays they are UP…they know it ALL!

and the next day, they are down, down, down,

( can’t do ANY math!)


 They need practice. DAILY practice. 

Daily math center practice with both addition and subtraction math facts.

Kids love to play games. I want them to practice math facts.


  Games + Practice = SUCCESS

Here you go! My newest BFF.

Addition and Subtraction Math Task Cards to 20…Winter Edition

464 Task Cards


20 Math Mats for Sorting

You can PRINT individual Math Sorting Mats

        ( There are 21)

or… You can PRINT 2 to a page and save INK & PAPER!

Teachers LOVE CHOICES too!

Need MORE Practice math Centers?   I’ve got your BACK!

Place Value Sorting Cards

Place Value Ture or False Sorting

Do your kids need extra help with place value? How about a sorting activity?  Place Value True or False? 

If you are NEW to MATH Games, this blog post might help:

                           Math Games & Activities for December

Ask for help, don’t get too much on your plate, it’s ok to say “NO!”

Check out my December:

Are You a Helper Elf?

December in Room 3

How to Have a “NO STRESS” December

Enjoy, the holidays, stay safe, keep yourself healthy, and have fun!

Stop by in 2022 and say HI!