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Spring gardening 101 and a FREE CHICKEN DANCE!

I love SPRING!



And I Love to GARDEN!

This Spring I taught my students how to recycle water bottles into seed germinators!

Hello Spring

I Love Spring!

I am an AVID  Gardener!

LOVE to get my fingers in the dirt.
We call my hubby “FARMER WITHOUT A FARM!”
We are “suburbanites” with a backyard farm.
Chickens included!
Luna our backyard chicken

Black Chicken

Sunshine our white backyard chicken

Sunshine – white chicken

More on that later.

This year we installed


How to plant in a Pallet Garden

Grow plants in a PALLET GARDEN!

So easy!  
Lay down wooden pallet.
Fill with potting soil & steer manure.
We did seeds.
And more seeds. (Rotate your crops)
We didn’t have a lot of room for “vines”.. so we did NOT grow pumpkins.
We did grow some BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWERS in the back.
They need A LOT OF room. They got 10-12 feet TALL!

             Check out my Sunflower Seeds Plant Unit.          AWESOME!

Grow vegetables that you eat.
I wanted to show the kids
Choose plants that will help with that!
Time for new growth!
We also made individual planters for the kids to take home.
As we had been studying EARTH DAY…
water bottles as seed planters!
Water bottles for planting seeds.

Recycled Water bottles for planting.

Start with water bottles.
Cut them in half.
Poke a hole in the lid.
Tie a knot in string & thread through the hole.
When lid is ON…string hangs DOWN.
Flip the  TOP of bottle..into the  bottom.
The bottom will hold the water.
Add soil.

Cut bottles in half. Add soil.

Add soil.
And seeds to top.
Fill the bottom with water.
The string acts like a wick…to water itself!
Water bottles growing seeds.

Recycled water bottles with seeds.

Water bottles as seed germinators!

We have sprouts!

Soon… sprouts!
We took them HOME at OPEN HOUSE!
The kids were SO excited to show off their garden.
Maybe THEY will become MASTER GARDENERS some day!
Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!

In honor of my 
Chicken Dance is FREE!
Word Game

Chicken Dance Word Game from 1stgradefireworks

Happy Spring to all!

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  1. Paula Beckerman

    I love to garden too Wendy, and your pallet garden looks awesome! I wouldn't have thought of that, but I like that the slats in the pallet provide a "safe" place to walk without little feet trampling all the plants.

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