CVC Task Cards for SOR Mapping 3


Education ALWAYS has

NEW and exciting acronyms

for us to learn.


SOR – Science of Reading?


It’s ok. Breathe.

Here is MY breakdown

of these new and exciting elements

in the classroom.


Science of Reading –

The Science of Reading refers to a vast body of research on learning to read with contributions from various disciplines, including cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, education, psychology, neurology, and more. The Science of Reading has evolved from varied research areas, participants, and statistical analyses. We have insight into how humans learn to read now, the skills required, and which parts of the brain are involved in literacy development from a wide range of empirically supported research. Using this research, we can identify an evidence-based best practice approach to teaching foundational literacy skills called Structured Literacy. It’s an exciting time to be in education and have parents as our partners! We now know a great deal about how the brain develops as we learn to read and what instructional practices are most effective for all children. We are committed to stopping doing what doesn’t work and being guided by scientific research to ensure that we deliver on the promise of literacy for every student.

Word Mapping?

Word mapping, also known as phoneme-grapheme mapping, is when teachers help students link the sounds they hear in words to the letters that make up those words. Word mapping is all about storing words in our brains in such a way that we can retrieve them later.

This orthographic mapping allows our little learners an effective way to improve their word recognition because their brains store words in an organized way. I like to compare word mapping to a file cabinet. When students receive instruction in an organized and systematic way, their brains can find those files quickly.

Science of Reading: What is Word Mapping and How Do I Teach It?


Having reviewed the strategies and skills

I want my students to have…

I am focusing on

word mapping

to help them become

fluent readers and writers.


Here is some help.


To help you on your

SOR  Word Mapping


Check this out HERE.

I have LOTS of LITERACY Activities to help in your classroom.

Check them out HERE.

Remember… The kids are little, they are trying their best, and enjoy the ride!




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