So what do you do on SUNDAY?

Right now I am soaking my hands…I look like I have been in a cat fight!
A cat fight with…CHICKEN WIRE!
Remember my hubby “Farmer without a Farm”?
Well, we have chickens! We have had them for a while.
See my “Chicken” post for earlier story.
Anyways…hubby decides TODAY that the chickens needed “SPACE TO RUN & PLAY”…
Now, we live in suburbia America. I have houses ALL around!
I have dogs and cats on ALL sides of us!
AND NOW (new to the neighborhood…..)
Of course…one more thing to think about! UGH!
So we (hubby, me, my aching back, and my TOTALLY CUT UP HANDS)
built a (get this) 
The chickens now have a space to run & play. All in the safety of CHICKEN WIRE!
I REFUSE to corral them into their CHICKEN CONDO
if they like the playpen too much!
NOPE! Let them stay outside…sure…I can see it now…
me in the middle of the night, flashlight in hand, being the CHICKEN WHISPERER…
What a SUNDAY! AND what did you do today?

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