Sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s!

Sleeping in, lazy mornings, late evenings…
It’s a sleepover!
We had our Granddaughters ( ages 3 & 8 months) spend the night
so “MOMMY” & Auntie Kelsey could run the 
TOUGH MUDDER… in Lake Tahoe. 
(Update…the girls finished the run..TOUGH..but they MADE IT!)
So…we had the girls overnight!
Here are a few pictures of our FUN!
“P” ( Queen of the Ladybugs..see her wings)
collecting worms. WHY you ask?
BECAUSE SHE CAN!…..Girls can like worms, too!

TOUGH MUDDER finishers! Way to go girls!

Family pictures…..the best!
To those of you who have little ones…
I bow to YOU!
24/7  PLUS SOME!
When do you take a shower?  Brush your teeth? 
3 AM feeding? What do you mean you want to “PLAY” at 3 AM?
I had forgetten..So much fun..
Can’t wait to do it again…but first…
GMA has to take a nap! HUGS!

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