Shout out to The Primary Brain!

I need to give a


Recently, I purchased a packet from TPT.

I know, I create them.

I got busy! What can I say?

But…it has saved me a  LOT…I mean a LOT of TIME!

I want to give a shout out to

The Primary Brain!

Click HERE to go to her tpt store!

I purchased her am I using them you ask?

Glad you asked…

Let me show you!

First… I got out my GUIDED READING “levels” FOLDER.
All students have a velcro name tag and I attach them into groups.
Moveable, fluid, ever changing.

Close up of my “loves”
 that spend 
daily reading time
 with ME!

So, I used her bookmark IN A SLEEVE, as an assessment.
Gotta know WHERE to START!
I took one bookmark & gave it to the student
to take home & practice.
Notice the “CIRCLED” words?

Then I made a TEACHER copy.
 This group has 4 students.
Each student has a different highlighted color.
I highlighted the words THEY need as a group.
During WORD WORK…they will come to ME to practice as a group.
I can see at a glance which words to focus on.

Did the same with other groups. 
I purchased 10 levels…enough for NOW!

I LOVE the 3 bookmarks to a page!
She did a great job!

I appreciate products that make MY LIFE easier!


I also am using my HFW packets for my kiddos to 

How do YOU teach HFW?

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