Well, sometimes we need to learn patience from those places we cannot control. As I am learning more and more about the “technical” side of blogging, I am reminded that PEOPLE still “rule the roost”. I guess I got a little TOO excited about my newest venture. When you jump in the water, without your lifejacket, you may have to tread water for a while….A LONG WHILE! I apologize to my friends and family if you have noticed my blog is LOCKED! Apparently, GOOGLE thinks I am a SPAM blog. (TOO many contacts, too quickly). They assured me that within 2 days (of Sept. 14), they would check out my blog & UNLOCK it! Well, as you can’s Sept. 23 and I am still locked! The “robots” are working overtime…I hope the humans are too. As I wait, I am creating some fun and exciting things for the classroom. I hope to have a TPT and Teacher’s Notebook store(s) open soon. Well, again..patience. Thanks for staying by my side. Hope to “SEE” you soon.

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