Partner Reading at it’s BEST!

Partner Reading at It’s BEST!

I LOVE to watch kids read!
Their faces “light up” when they “GET IT!”
They giggle at illustrations.
They laugh OUT LOUD,
when things are FUNNY!
They squint with their eyebrows touching when they can’t figure something out.
And then..we ask them to
Share the excitement of reading with ANOTHER!
It’s like I have asked them to “give a kidney!”
They don’t want to share.
NO! NO! Don’t make me give away my LOVE of reading!
I didn’t ask you to give it away…just spread the LOVE!
And so..we share.
We PARTNER read!
 We share a lot..and we share WELL!
I LOVE Daily 5
( no affiliation or permission from 2sisters…just LOVE their stuff!)
I am sooooo  excited!
Today I took the legs OFF of one of my tables!
I have NEVER done ANYTHING like this BEFORE!
My kiddos LOVE it!
I told them it was a “WORK PLACE” and only students who are
“WORKING” can be there!
They worked, and worked, and worked!
Here they are:
Later in the day…there were 10 students on ipads with headphones
ALL engaged!
Now BACK to Partners..
We use chairs facing each other.
We use chairs NEXT to each other.
We sit on the floor and read.
And we lay down and read.
And HOW do I choose PARTNERS?
3 ways:
My choice,
Their choice.
I use popsicle sticks with their names on it,
if they are rereading text we have read together.
That way, the partners reading level is NOT an issue.
Just a reread.
I choose the PARTNERS if the story is a “LEVELED” read.
That way I can be assured both partners
 have the necessary skills to comprehend the text.
And…they choose!
We do MUST DO’s and MAY DO’s
for guided reading.
My class has a list of centers they MUST DO
before they MAY DO their choices.
Usually the “paper” center is a PARTNER CENTER.
They can choose a partner who can “help” them.
Or they can choose to “work by themselves”.
They look for the PARTNER symbol on the MUST DO board.
I like the discussions and the community that comes from a busy classroom.
They learn from me and from each other.
I am looking into more alternative seatings for groups in my clssroom.
So more partners can work together.
How do YOU group students for working in YOUR classroom?

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