One Step Foreword…Two Steps BACK!

Today I went back to school. IT WAS A MESS!!! I haven’t been back since the last day of school. I am very fortunate that I don’t have to move classrooms. I have been in this room for 12 years. I just clean up after the last day “celebrations” and LEAVE!   But…eventually, you have to return. Today was the day!

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It’s going to take a few days to rearrange desks, set out materials, clean up centers, etc. Today, I spent mostly on book tubs! I now have “leveled” books from DRA 1-10 ( for independent book boxes.  I also have 4 leveled AR ( Accellerated Reader ) tubs. I leveled them 0-0.9 , 1.0-1.9 , 2.0-2.9 , and 3.0-3.9.  They have between 20-25 books in each tub. I am thinking my higher readers will be able to begin AR sometime within the first month. Then I organized my classroom library into 24 “theme” related tubs ( animals, Halloween, October, etc.).  WOW!  I now have 3  seperate libraries!  HOW TO KEEP THEM STRAIGHT?  I will show you as I complete the next phase.

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Well…I am off to work on labels…   I can’t have a library without labels!  Stay tuned for the next chapter in the “LIBRARY FIX” !  This time it will be two steps forward…..NO STEPS BACK! 🙂

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