Nibits for Newbies ( FREEBIE)

It’s that time AGAIN!
This weeks “nibits”….
We all have to send notes home.
From the teacher, the school, the office, etc.
If they are SUPER important, we have the parent sign the note and return it.
But what about those “reminders” that get LOST in the bottom of the BACKPACK?
How to make sure those little notes even get home?
We send home important information on student bracelets.
For extra IMPACT…run the bracelets on BRIGHT COLORED PAPER!
Before the students leave, we stand at the door with a stapler,
and attach a bracelet to each students wrist as the leave.
Here is a sample for you:
(Click on the picture)
If you need single sheets…check my TPT & Educents stores!

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