Nibits for Newbies 9.13.15

If it’s SUNDAY…
It’s time for
This week’s theme..
I am getting ready for quarter 1 report cards. ( UGH!)
(Not my FAVORITE thing to do!)
So..we give an ELA reading & writing assessment from our reading program.
This “benchmark” assessment populates the report card automatically.
The report card itself is designed “around” the assessment.  
The CCSS  standards are “interwoven” into the assessment.
What that means is, I cannot verify FROM THIS ASSESSMENT if a student has mastered a common core standard or not.
When I give my grades, I want to be sure I am accurate 
& I want parents to know what we 
( ALL OF US ) are working on!
I give each of my student’s 
INDIVIDUAL assessments to determine if they have mastered Quarter 1 CCSS standards 
if they are in DIRE need of MORE HELP!
(From me, an assistant, intervention teacher, parent, etc)
So here are a few examples of the assessments I GIVE…
Running Record
 As they are reading I record what words they can read ( with a check mark) and missed words           ( looking for what skills did they usse & what are they lacking).
I check their independent reading forms from IN CLASS & AT HOME.
We have BOTH.

I check their past spelling tests. Are they working on words families? 
Do they know their HFW? 
( Usually kids who DO NOT know their HFW are struggling readers.)

What DO they know about about reading?
 And….letters & sounds…
 We assess writing.
Can they write a complete sentence?
Capitals? Punctuation? Topic Sentence?  Handwriting?
 And this one I HAD to do this week!
Do they know the KINDERGARTEN HFW?
Our program moves on….very little kinder review.
So…The HIGHLIGHTED words are the words this student DOES NOT KNOW!
Sent home to practice every day for 20 school days.
Then,  assess again! 

So …crazy times!
Relax …remember…it’s about helping kids!
IF I can find out what they DON’T KNOW
I can help them learn it 
so they can always 

Just a head’s up….
most of my assessments came from my

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