Nibits for Newbies 8.9.15

Hello my Friends!
It’s that time AGAIN!
Nibits for Newbies!
No..not cheerleading!
RAH =  Read  AT   Home

That’s right! 
 Books, the kids TAKE HOME..And BRING BACK!
If YOU want children to learn to read, they have to practice.
Practice at school & at home.
But WHAT do they read?
I want parents to cuddle up on the couch
 and slowly, excitedly, reading a book with EVERY child!
Will that happen?
Maybe..maybe not.
But, I can do everything in power to make that happen!
So I send home books!
First, I  level a tub of books.
We choose to level by DRA.
We make 1 tub of levels 1-10, and another tub of levels 11-20.
We make a set of tubs for each teacher.
 (We now have 4 first grades!)
Then we make an “extra” set for rotating.
We rotate tubs each quarter.
That way kids always have new books to read.
These are “single”copies..NOT guided reading six packs!
Just “extras” for reading..
Garage sales, thrift shops, scholastic points, book store $1 sales, and teacher giveaways.
Cheap books  can be found..look for nonfiction & fiction!
We began with a large folder that we printed with lines for parents to sign.
Each student gets 2 books on Monday to take home.
Read 1 book Monday..have an adult sign the paper.
Read 1 book Tuesday…have an adult sign  the paper.
On Wed. & Fri. I check to make sure books are being read and exchange them for 2 new books!
Send envelope home Wed. with 2 new books.
Kiddos keep for Wed. & Thurs.
Return on Friday!
And then..we do it again on MONDAY!
This year, we are using plastic pockets for RAH folders.
We placed the sheet for parent’s to sign
inside, with the 2 books.
Hopefully, it will become an important part of the nightly routines at home.
So, what happens when kiddos don’t read at home?
IF they are readers, they get to practice with a partner later in the day.
IF they are NOT yet reading…they get to listen to a classmate  
or our sixth grade buddies read it to them. 
Most kiddos LOVE to read to/with their parents.
They want to show them what they can do.
It’s up to the adults…to LISTEN!
I hope you find a way for kids to take home books to read..
Literacy doesn’t STOP at the classroom door!
How do YOU get kids to read at home?

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