New Unit for CA Treasures Grade 1

I just finished my new unit!
CA Treasures Grade 1 Unit 5 Week 4…
WOW , That’s a LOT!
For the “rest of the world”… packet for /ow/  /ou/ 
I know , BOTH IN ONE WEEK??!!
I don’t make the curriculum, just teach it!
So, this should help “ease us into it”.
Check it out on TPT!

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2 thoughts on “New Unit for CA Treasures Grade 1

  1. Lance Campers

    Not to mention color words for Grammar! Actually, Grammar is one of our favorite subjects from CA Treasures…it's short 'n' sweet and doesn't belabor the point. So yeah, seasons, ou/ow AND color words – in addition to the vocabulary words, spelling words, and high frequency words. McGraw Hill would be wise to pay you to help them make their curriculum more child- and teacher- friendly. They need your help 😉 Seriously!

  2. 1stgradefireworks

    Thanks for the compliments! I think the part I love the best is I can create things MY kids will love, not just the adults who see it. Keep stopping by,,,there's more to come! Thanks! wendy

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