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What is your true color? A linky!

Hey everyone!  Join the linky party to find our your true personality colors! It’s funny to find out the colors of “others” who are important in your life ( family, coworkers, etc)!  Link up & see what you find!
So click the pic below to get the test. It is just one little page long and then you have to do some quick math. That is it! The rest of the sheets gives you more details on the colors:
Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to learn other blogger’s color(s)?
So I ask you this question:

Here are all the colors:

My color? I’m a gold-
Here is some of what I am all about 😉
Value responsibility and sense of DUTY above all else
Will follow through at all costs, dependable, true
Good at organizing vague, random thoughts and putting things into action
Detail oriented, predictable
Focus on the “here and now”
Join In the Fun!

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