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This week…week  3


I can honestly say, in my 27 years in grade 1…
I have “redone” my word wall
probably 26 times!

My dilemma is always the same..

How to put them on the wall so kids can
access them ( at ANY reading level!)

At first I thought “A..B..C” order.
Then I thought “by curriculum unit..week 1..week 2, etc”.
Next I thought ” phonics sounds ..short a..short e…etc”.
Last I thought “they don’t even LOOK at IT!”

and so..

What to do?  What to do?


So what do THEY want?
What will THEY use?
What do THEY want it to look like?

And they TOLD ME!!
They helped me “SOLVE” our “PROBLEM”!

My Word Wall now has sight words we use for 6 weeks
( 1 unit of our curriculum)
These words will be in our stories 
on our TESTS!
We study them EVERY day ( at Morning Meeting
we play I SPY with the words wall DAILY!

The kids practice with each other, too!
Partner Practice…yippeeyy!

We use our ipads, write on our desks with white board markers, flash cards to take home, and we play LOTS of word games!

My WORD WALL focus’ on sight words.

I teach vocabulary words, but those go on our focus wall for weekly connections. 

This year…I am adding personal word walls to their writer’s workshop folders. 
They will add words THEY need to use in THEIR writing.

 This was last year
when we did
 WAY TOO many 
words at one time!


Lots of games to practice our “words”.

I have some games and packets
 to help with

Check them out!

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