Mid-Year CLEAN UP!

Middle of the Year…
That time when we reflect   redo  CLEAN UP.. 
the classroom that began so neat & clean,
I set my year-long goals based on quarters.
1st quarter :  routines, centers, tools, phonics / basic math skills
2nd quarter :  writing complete sentences, independent center rotations, reading (levels 6-8)
3rd quarter : writing topic sentences with details, addition/subtraction to 20, reading to level 12
4th quarter :  writing informational reports, place value mastery, reading to level 18
Now this is Basic…I have detailed goals for each quarter,
but these are the highlights.
My district gives rewards hands me a pacing guide for BOTH ELA & MATH.
I also have a required curriculum for BOTH ELA & MATH.
So…I get to “facilitate” the “differentiation” of both for “integration”.
WOW! That sounded good…I need to remember that.
So…during my REFLECTION Process….I NEED to ORGANIZE!
I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE  independent centers!
We do MUST DO’s & MAY DO’s.
They complete each activity, do the required accountability task, and MOVE ON!
I have centers in tubs, in baggies…multiple activities in each tub.
PROBLEM….Tubs get messy, pieces not put back into baggies, tubs not stacked neatly!
Here is PROOF!
Writing Center
Papers disorganized, unlabeled, MESSY!
Center tubs…ICKY!

Book Boxes…overstuffed….
So what do we do??
Not just MY job…ALL  of us…kiddos TOO!
We ALL live here…we ALL help!
So …this week (Mid Year), is reorganization week!
Time to unstuff, declutter, and reorganize EVERYTHING!
Kids are excited.
They always want to be a  part of the SOLUTION.
Get them excited about the reorganization…so we ALL can keep it that way!
Happy Cleaning!
I’ll post AFTER clean-up pictures…next week!
Hopefully! 🙂

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