Addition & Subtraction Task Cards

Low-Stress December Math Centers

This will help your math centers for December!

I don’t know about you, but I have WAY TOO MANY things going on in December!

I want my classroom to run like a “well-oiled” machine…independently.

I need to ASSESS, read with kids, check those who need “help” are getting it, and TEACH!

( Makes me tired looking at this!)


Somedays they are UP…they know it ALL!

and the next day, they are down, down, down,

( can’t do ANY math!)


 They need practice. DAILY practice. 

Daily math center practice with both addition and subtraction math facts.

Kids love to play games. I want them to practice math facts.


  Games + Practice = SUCCESS

Here you go! My newest BFF.

Addition and Subtraction Math Task Cards to 20…Winter Edition

464 Task Cards


20 Math Mats for Sorting

You can PRINT individual Math Sorting Mats

        ( There are 21)

or… You can PRINT 2 to a page and save INK & PAPER!

Teachers LOVE CHOICES too!

Need MORE Practice math Centers?   I’ve got your BACK!

Place Value Sorting Cards

Place Value Ture or False Sorting

Do your kids need extra help with place value? How about a sorting activity?  Place Value True or False? 

If you are NEW to MATH Games, this blog post might help:

                           Math Games & Activities for December

Ask for help, don’t get too much on your plate, it’s ok to say “NO!”

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Enjoy, the holidays, stay safe, keep yourself healthy, and have fun!

Stop by in 2022 and say HI!





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