It’s Hard to Grow UP!

  Sometimes, it’s just plain HARD to grow UP!
 Babies crawl before they walk, you have to walk before you run, and as you age…your body FIGHTS BACK!
As a Grandma, I am aging. I have had 4 kids, and now they are having their own families! (Wow…that i just sooo wierd to say…seems like yesterday I was changing their diapers……..) ANYWAY…As I was taking care of my newest granddaughter this week, my body fought back! Aching shoulders (lifting 18 lbs. of baby, aching back ( you want me to crawl on the ….ground?) “OK!”, and the funniest part, the little scratches on my chin from her nails ( didn’t think to cut them until after scratches). But would I change a thing? NO WAY! I think once you are a mother…you are a mother for life. I think that’s what makes good teachers. We know our job of nurturing children doesn’t leave at the door. We care about kids. We care if they have food to eat, if they have friends to play with, and if they are having a good day or not. Sure we care about the “TEST SCORES!” ( not so much as OTHERS CARE ABOUT THE SCORES)…but we want to make kind-hearted, productive PEOPLE.  As my granddaughter returns home with her mommy ( who by the way was VERY happy to be home again)  I am happy and sad. I am happy that I have a granddaughter who CAN come stay with me. And I am sad…I will miss the little scratches on my chin where we cuddled when I gave her a bottle. That little MATERNAL instinct never goes away…now onto the ice pack so the sore back will go away! So here’s to those who care…all of us! Enjoy your week. Wendy

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