It’s FINALLY MAY :)…Currently

It’s May…
Flowers blooming..birds singing…SUMMER COMING FAST!
(Teachers will be dancing in the streets…after report cards, testing, packing up, etc)
So , I am linking up with Farley at Oh, boy 4th grade
for MAY Currently…

Surprise Stacey!
Love my nails!
(Don’t you love surprises??)
Thanks Farley!
Happy MAY!
How many days so you have left? 🙂
OH….1  MORE thing..
 Stock up & get ready for beginning of the year…
that way you DON’T have to do it during SUMMER!
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4 thoughts on “It’s FINALLY MAY :)…Currently

  1. Miss Alissa

    I've got 5 more Mondays. Ready for summer around here and would love the hot weather to come on in. So much snow and then cold rain in 2014…I could really use some sun!

  2. Krystyn Richards

    I have 7 more Mondays. It was 87 degrees on Thursday. My poor little 2nd graders were melting in our classroom. Our building is 100 years old and does not have AC. Between PE and recess they were done for. Hopefully we don't have too many days like that before school is out.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Ms Richards's Musings

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