In LIFE…there is NO “DO OVER”

Happy Holidays, my friends!

I just spent 2 1/2 HOURS…yes, hours…
putting up our


My Christmas tree is NOT a 

It doesn’t match.
It doesn’t have a “theme”.

It is MY  family’s legacy.
It is a timeline of our life.

I cried.
I giggled.
I remembered moments from years past.

My hubby kept coming into the living room
wondering what was taking so long.

Then…he would look an an ornament and say..
“Do you remember…?”
Yes!  I DO!

As I look through the ornament box,
my heart swells with happiness.
THAT, my friends, is what 
I collect ornaments! 
I search them out EVERYWHERE we go!
I buy them for MY kids and MY grandkids!
ALWAYS…date the back! 
Doesn’t seem important now…IT WILL BE LATER!
If you can’t find ornaments…key chains work fantastic!
Scavenge the “AFTER CHRISTMAS” sales!
Christmas boutiques, & craft sales!
It’s about a memory.
I never want to FORGET!

IN  LIFE…there is NO “DO OVER”.
There are “second chances”…but they are

Here is a little “smattering” of my 
Christmas Tree!

A cruise hubby & I took to the Caribbean.
The first ship I had ever been on!

After 10 months on fertility drugs…BABY on the way!
This was the first ornament I ever bought with a baby on it!
We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl.
Ended up being twin boys! 
32 years ago & still cry at this one!
Happy tears!

Yes…I have the first 5 years for ALL of my kids!
We are blessed with 4 kids & 5 grandchildren.


A trip to EUROPE with my mom & sisters!
4 California girls to England, Ireland, & Scotland!
We found our ancestor’s farm!
My auntie ( now 90 ) made this for me
when I was 5. ( 48 yrs ago ).

Very precious.
At the TOP of our tree.
The last remaining ornament HANDMADE by my grandmother.
My parents house burned to the ground 30 years ago.
In the attic were ALL of my MOM’s Christmas ornaments!
GONE!  Luckily, I had one from MY grandma.
You think those little strings of popcorn won’t last?
Hubby’s from PRESCHOOL!
(It used to be much longer…I wrap it in tissue every year!)

For your kids…
If they play sports…get them a sports ornament
There will come a day…when they won’t play!
Remember all the fun times!
My little sis got remarried on the beach in HAWAII!  
The WHOLE family went!
We went snorkeling and saw the SEA TURTLES!

My son’s favorite sport ( He wrote this when he was 10 ).
He is now in the US NAVY!
I wonder if ALL the practices & games helped him get ready for LIFE?

My first trip to the EAST COAST!
We toured from NEW YORK to NEW HAMPSHIRE.
Stayed at the BEST B&B in Plymouth BAY!

Yes…those  “SILLY”  classroom ornaments 
A plastic lid…some glitter…and  a picture!
Circa  1992.
So here is a “SMATTERING”
It’s  PERFECT for ME!


IN LIFE…there is NO “DO OVER!”
Live, LAUGH, Love!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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22 thoughts on “In LIFE…there is NO “DO OVER”

  1. Julie Davis

    So many sweet and precious memories! Thank you for sharing this peek into your life with us! Today was the first year in 13 years that we have put up a tree. Being military and moving around so much and always traveling home for Christmas we never put one up. Well, we decided it was time to start decorating even if we wouldn't be home on that day to enjoy. We can still enjoy it for the other days this month 🙂

  2. 1stgradefireworks

    I am so happy YOU put up your tree! Each morning I turn on the lights and drink my coffee looking at the tree. It puts me in a "GREAT" mood to start the day! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Wendy

  3. Grandma A.

    Lovely post. I miss having a Christmas tree. We now spend the holiday with my daughter and her family, so we haven't bothered the last five years or so. I love being with the grandkids but this post reminds me that all our family ornaments are in a box in the attic. It may be time to pass them along to the next generation!

  4. Mme R's French Resources

    I love your tree! We purchase a new ornament every year, and my mother-in-law gives my son a new one as well, so ours is very special, too. It makes me smile and cry every year as I put it up, remembering each and every year. 🙂

  5. Ginger Teacher

    Wow! This post really made me smile and gave me a little lump in my throat. This year my daughter is away at university so it's the first year I will be decorating the tree without her. It has been hard to get in the Christmas mood, but your post has really made me smile. You have such great Christmas ornaments and memories. 🙂

  6. Kathy Simpson

    Mine is also a tree of memories and I can tell a story about every ornament…I beleive that that is what life is all about…making memories and creating joy! About 40 years ago I strung popcorn and wooden beads with my children drinking hot cocoa by a fire…I put this on our tree, stored it away in a box and rehung it every year for seriously about 30 years…no kidding…popcorn can last forever, but it does turn yellow so…we did toss it eventually…but after reading this post…I am stringing popcorn with my grandkids to reinstate this memory and give it a new beginning!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Karyn

    I love this post! My tree looks so similar to yours and I wouldn't have it any other way! I absolutely love my ornaments and just about every one tells a "story."

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