I Need to APOLOGIZE to my Gma & My MOM…

I am such a SLACKER!
I think I have it all together..
My Grandmother & MY MOM
raised a family, worked at home & outside the home, 
and we always had stuff when we wanted it.

This is my GMA & GPA…
I miss them both.
They lived on a dairy.
 My GPA taught me about cows, HARD work, & what “silage” tasted like! ICK!
My Gma always wore a dress & heels. She was a petite little thing.
She wore toilet paper around her hair at night, so she would look “good” in the morning.
My Gpa didn’t give us candy.
 When we left his house, he would give us a teaspoonful of brown sugar 
, from the jar in Gma’s kitchen.
 Nothing fancy..but it meant EVERYTHING to us!
They owned a peach orchard.
 40 acres of peaches. 
I never really thought about it when I was little.
 It was just a “lot of trees”.
This is my MOM & Dad ( I just found this engagement pic.) HAHA
They worked hard. 
My dad went to work every day.
 Dressed in his suit & white shirt 
( that my mom ironed..I know ..with an iron & ironing board! )
And my mom worked a self-owned business, 
was ALWAYS there when we got home form school,
 and helped us with EVERYTHING we ever did ( sports, clubs, school, etc).
And I never asked HOW?
How do you do it ALL?
And now this….
Both my GMA & My MOM canned fruits, made pickles, and baked goodies!
Now I don’t bake ( leave that gene to my sister, Susie).
I have NEVER made pickles..& probably won’t..BUT  
I   CAN  FRUIT!   

I  remember walking into GMA’s garage & seeing shelves FULL of canned goods.
I grabbed bottles of canned fuits from my mom’s shelves in our garage.
Peaches, pears, cherries, etc, etc, etc,,   whenever we wanted!
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
It didn’t matter…it was always there.
I never asked.
So now..I apologize to GMA & MOM.
I should have asked to help you peel, or slice, or wash, or……..or….or……
But, I cannot take it back.
I will follow in your steps.
I will teach MY DAUGHTER to can!
And my granddaughters!
I will continue the family tradition.
Only…we will use the recipe on my laptop.
( I know GMA & MOM didn’t do that!)
So here was my day TODAY ( from start  to finish ).

Wash the jars ( hot water & heated dry) in dishwasher.
Wash..rinse…BLANCH (  Boil  whole peaches, then put in pan of ICE WATER!)
Their peels  just  slide right off!
Slice, Slice, slice!
Too hot to cook inside!
Set up our campstove OUTSIDE!
Pan on the left is a sugar/water mixture.
Cook the peaches in for a short time, then pour into jars!
Hubby is sooooo  good at this!

Boil in a water bath ( 25 minutes ) to seal.

There we go!
11 quarts of fresh canned peaches!
They will be sooo  good  this winter! 
(Daddy gave us more peaches 
…so I am thinking peach cobbler for dinner!)
or maybe…..
Gma made jam……so did MOM….WOW!
I should THANK them.   🙂

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1 thought on “I Need to APOLOGIZE to my Gma & My MOM…

  1. learningmyself

    love your post! I know, right? Great that you are carrying on the tradition! Your mom and gmom must be so happy! Thanks for a great reminder of our parents! 🙂

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