I confess…

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Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade

Shhh….don’t tell ANYONE…
1. I eat chocolate when my kids are working!
NO…I don’t share!
2. I have NO lesson plans since Spring Break!
Who wants to see “Review” & “Assess”?
3. I never correct homework!
I look at it, mental check, & recycle!
Do I care if Mom & Dad can do grade 1 work?
4. Don’t open a cabinet…not sure what’s in there! 
Until Summer when I clean!
5. When “boss” is at meetings,
Big NO NO w/o permission!
Bad teacher, bad teacher!
So, I feel renewed…relaxed…rejuvinated!
I think I will find something new I got at the TPT sale…
and color print & laminate!
oooooo…gonna get in trouble! HAHA  🙂

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4 thoughts on “I confess…

  1. Jennifer Tice

    LOL! I eat chocolate too. Walking around the room munching on Hershey Kisses. When they say "No fair!" I tell them when they grow up and work hard they too can eat chocolate whenever they want. Love #2 too!

  2. Teaching Texas Teens

    You color printing laminating fool!!!! I love that is your deep dark confession. Bring your stuff to me anytime—- they leave the laminate machine unattended in our lounge. 🙂

  3. Abby

    Our HW goes straight in the recycling, too! So many of my kids tell me their older sibling "helped" them. I'm not sure helped is the right word. 😉

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