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How to use addition and subtraction math task cards.

Math. I said it!

Does the word “MATH” make you giggle, or grumble???

If you teach TK – 6th grade, you teach addition and subtraction.

It’s never-ending. 

Teach. Practice. Practice. Practice. Reteach. Over and over.

The numbers change. They get bigger.

But the skills and strategies don’t change.

The vocabulary changes ( occasionally), for example:

3 + 4 = 7 …  Is this “all together” or “in all”?

Is this a math “sentence” or a math “equation”?

I have taught them ALL.

Our newest math program has first graders using the yellow and red foam counters on day 1.

And,  they need to “discuss” with their partner HOW they got their answer.

First of all, some can’t count yet, and they won’t “discuss” their mathematical thinking 

with students THEY DON’T KNOW! Not yet! 

Now I get the idea. Just a little FAST! 

Shouldn’t we allow them to “explore” the math counters first?

Some were poking them with pencils. flipping them in the air, and yes..one student chewed on the foam counter. Ewwwww. 

And so, I am S L O W I N G things down, a bit.

To help my “littles”  with addition and subtraction we are EXPLORING the math manipulatives first.

Then we will discuss routines and procedures for using them.

Last, we will use them to create math experiences. 

Add some skills and strategies, and VOILA!  We will have mathematicians!

To help my littles with beginning addition and subtraction to ten,

I have created some Math Task Cards using our WONDERFUL foam counters, and ten frames.

Math Task cards with ten frames

I have included Addition Task Cards, 

Addition and Subtraction Task Cards with ten Frames

Subtraction Task Cards, 

Addition and Subtraction Task Cards with Ten Frames

And student work pages for accountability.

Addition and Subtraction Task Cards with Ten Frames

Check out the video:

92 task cards for students to practice addition and subtraction with Ten Frames.

For the WIN!  I may use this for guided math centers, interventions, and/or independent practice. We shall see! 

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I hope this helps YOU with planning

Back-to-School math lessons for your students.  Here’s to a great 2022! Check out all the goodies in my TPT store and here on the blog!

Lots of FREEBIES!   Have a great school year! 

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