Hide & Seek

My favorite game when I was little…

Family playing hide and seek
My  kiddos LOVE to play
Hide & Seek.
So..I have created a “classroom” game that 
encourages reading, phonics, and vocabulary for the classroom.


Sight Word…Hide and Seek

Kiddos will CHOOSE ( yes..student choice )

10 words from the picture!

There are 18-20 for them to choose from.

They write their word list on the side.

Some may choose easy words..some harder!

After they make their list, they read, read, read!

This list can be added to vocabulary cards, lists, charts,

notebooks, etc., etc., etc.

Just a little MORE practice with high student engaement!

I also have a few more

HIDE & SEEK packets your kiddos might enjoy!

Stop by and take a LOOK!


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