Happy “Family Days”

I am taking a little time to be a Grandma this week! I hope to have some new items to add to my blog and my shops by the end of the week. We are babysitting my granddaughter this week, and I have forgotten HOW much time it takes to have a little one! I had forgotten how many things you can do …with one hand! I was feeling so impressed with myself..I can hold a baby on one hip, make hot water in micro, unscrew AND take lid off bottle with one hand, AND pour milk into bottle…WITHOUT spilling! WOWZA! I don’t think I will EVER  moan or groan about a parent with young children, being late for a meeting again! They should be commended for arriving AT ALL! So, having fun, taking a million pictures, and enjoying the week. IF she goes to sleep on time (she slept ALL night last night ) I may get some time to create some products. We will see.
 Happy “Family Days” to you and yours. 

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