Get Your Hands DIRTY!

Get Your Hands DIRTY! 🙂

The birds are “chirping”.
My chickens are laying EGGS!
It’s almost SPRINGTIME folks!
We gotta get ready!
So …how?
What do I do first? Then? Next?
( Sound familiar? )
We in NORCAL are ready to…
We have 3 raised gardens…
And an extra large garden.
 Yes…We have our own windmill.
( does NOT pump water…BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL!)
Last year.. 12 ft. tall SUNFLOWERS!
Corn, tomatoes, garlic, onions, tomatillos, cilantro, peppers,
green beans, squash, pumpkins, grapes
In the beginning…(sunflowers)
And our helpers…
Our granddaughters ( & new grandson) LOVE DIRT!
Best friends with WORMS!
(Put your coffee grounds into your garden…worms LOVE THEM!)
We also have 2 chickens..
Snow white (Black..I know…SNOW WHITE has BLACK HAIR)
and Rapunzel (  She used to have yellow feathers..)
Granddaughters named them..
Thank You Disney!
We also live in the suburbs…NO FARM!
We just grow what we use & use what we grow!
So Valentine’s DAY is usually the “day”.
How? Where?
We use seed starter kits.
( Lowes, Home Dept, etc)
We put one seed in each “pot”, water daily,
and keep in the sun..
(Usually on MY kitchen table for a while). 🙁
As the seeds sprout…we move them into a small greenhouse outside for acclimation.
As the seeds gain height and leaves…
We plant them in the garden(s).
We try to plant/ sprout / acclimate/ plant in the garden
at different times.
That way we always have produce ripening.
I also have herbs:
cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary, chives, mint
growing year round.
This year we are trying something new.
( In addition to what we already have..)
Straw Bale Gardening!
Researching it now.
Looks promising!
(I think I may propose this one at school too).
Great for growing plants in a small space!
OK..then what?
We have ALL of this summer produce!
What do we do with it?
(You can only eat so much…so fast!)
Hubby cans!
(Yes…HE  CANS!)
* This year SANTA brought him a new pressure canner!
Happy hubby…Happy  wife! 🙂
Salsa, spaghetti sauce, tomatoes.
ALL kept in storage for WINTER!
And me?
I dehydrate..I dehydrate WELL!
I Love my dehydrator!
My new LOVE is
I can’t wait to dehydrate them this fall.
Persimmons to snack on..ALL YEAR LONG!
And so…
it’s time..
( Actually..we are just starting see,
The farmer’s time table for planting is:
“When you can put your bare behind on the soil
& it is WARM..
time to plant!”
I haven’t actually tried that…
I  think I will wait for a little more SUN and make a good GUESS!
It’s almost time!
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