FRIENDS…BFF’s…Life Friends…Friends I have “YET” to meet

This crazy summer has been a “gift” of friends for me!
I was LUCKY enough
 to be able to “reconnect” 
with some friends from high school!
Now we graduated…um..MANY years ago!
So LOTS has happened since then.
We have endured marriages, births, deaths, moving, staying,etc..etc..
We try to “connect” as much as possible, but folks…
So when we can reconnect…it’s HUGE! 
And it WAS!  So FUN!
I also was Lucky enough to go to 
( I know you have seen 1,000 pictures from VEGAS..but just a few MORE!)

These women have become a HUGE part of MY life..MY TRIBE!
Tamara @ Mrs. Russell’s room has a great blog post about finding your “tribe”..
I found MINE!  
AND …One of my BFF’s is my teaching partner.
We have been together for 17 years!
Same School…same  classrooms!
She & I work “well” together!
She organizes my thoughts.
WOW! How lucky we are to have found each other.
(Her mom 80+ works in her room each Thursday…I  call her “MOM”).
The kids think my ” teaching partner & I ” are sisters!
( She is  4ft 10 inches, dark hair & Japanese…I am 5ft 7, blonde, & German!)
No mistaking the differences!  HAHA
So, I thought I would share with you an INCREDIBLE  author & Artist!
Suzy Toronto
( Printed with her permission..check out her site  below!)
In my world…WE’RE  ALL  WACKY!
I wonder who my next “friends” will be?
I hope they are as WACKY  as my current ones! HAHA

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  1. Tamara V. Russell

    So glad we found each other in Vegas! Thank you so much for your steadfast encouragement and enthusiasm for our craft! You are without a doubt part of #mytribe too! 🙂 Love you!!!

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