Fluency Practice with a FOCUS on ADJECTIVES

Fluency Practice
Daily Fluency Practice…
Do your kids practice reading daily?
Repeated text?
They need to practice reading repeated text 
So…to help…

This packet has 30…
YES 30
different sentences for FLUENCY practice
each sentence has an ADJECTIVE 
ENLARGED for effective Grammar Practice!
The packet includes:
Spring sentences with enlarged ADJECTIVES for fluency practice.
A total of 30 sentence strips.
Can be used for rings, pocket charts, full page practice sheets, etc.
Great for small group, independent work, partner practice, homework.
Grades K-2
Spring Themed.

I am Printing & Laminating 6 sets.
I am putting them on rings so I can use them with my small groups!
6 students…6 sets!
Ready, set, here we go!
Click on picture to see for yourself!
Happy Spring!

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